Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Days It's Really Good to be a Death Knight

Some days it's good to be a Death Knight.

Other days it's really good to be a Death Knight..

Last night my guild did progression raiding in Ulduar again. We knocked down the farm bosses (the joke bosses were already down) and went straight for Assembly of Iron. I got to tank Steelbreaker. It was a joy.

Let me say right now that if I didn't have cooldowns to roll through every cast of this, we would have never downed Steelbreaker. For the record, the cooldowns I used to mitigate the hit were: AMS, AMZ, Icebound, Rune Tap+Death Pact, Repelling Charge, Rune of Repulsion+Spell Deflection, and Army.

Astute readers might note that with Fusion Punch on about a 15 second interval, I can't actually have one up every single time. Thus, the healy-Paladin used Divine Sacrifice+Bubble to help me out, and Steelbreaker fell before the next hole in my cooldown rotation.

This point is where "shit shit shit shit shit" happened. Once Steelbreaker fell, phase 2 destroyed us, but I think it's quite impressive that we dropped Steelbreaker on our third attempt. We would have continued, but, lacking anyone to dispel/steal Runemaster's bubble, I didn't have the ability to weather his melee swings, and so we called it for the night. We also could have used a Rogue to stunlock the shrimpy one, but I guess you can't have everything.

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